Ginger the Dog

One of the benefits of working at the farmers markets is that all day long I get to look at the most adorable dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.

Last year at the Broadway Farmers Market, I fell in love with Ginger, a Pomeranian-Keeshond mix who, because of her age and lack of mobility, cruised the market via a purse-like sack that her owner, Barabara would wear over her shoulder. Ginger looks like a puppy, but is actually quite old–14 years!

I eagerly awaited Ginger’s return to the market this year, and this time she showed up being pushed in her very own cart! Due to her arthritis, Ginger can only walk about a half a mile before she starts to limp, so Barbara decided it was time to find another means of transport. Ginger and Barbara love the farmers market, so they needed a way to make sure Ginger could still come every Sunday.

Barbara told me that Ginger came to live with her in a foster-care situation and has been with her ever since. She gets a spa cut every 4 months because her hair grows very long and bushy.

Last week Ginger tried some Half Pint ice cream for the first time! We’re thinking she’ll like the flavors this week, especially because one of them is, well, Ginger