A Feast for the Eyes!

I’m always amazed at the beautiful colors found in nature. Summer in the Pacific Northwest produces some of the most vibrant examples of natural color in the form of locally grown fruits. I’ve been taking advantage of these fruits to bring gorgeous color to my ice creams and sorbets. Here are a few examples to […]

Gearing Up!

It’s so hard to believe that in just over a week I’ll be back out at the Columbia City Farmers Market scooping ice cream for all of the familiar faces I’ve come to love over the years. It’s been a great winter, full of lots of fun things, but my favorite time of year is upon us: […]

Arcade Lights at Pike Place Market

On Friday, April 20th (that’s tomorrow!) Half Pint will be participating in Arcade Lights, a food and beverage tasting event at Pike Place Market. Arcade Lights had it’s first go last October and it was so much fun! There were some really fabulous food and beverage vendors there. I only wish I had had more time to […]

Ice Cream School Project!

Last week I had the honor of being interviewed by a lovely 10 year-old named Grace. Grace is doing a project on ice cream as part of an Experts Fair for her Quest Program, which is an enrichment program for “highly capable” children in the Lake Washington School District. For the Experts Fair, Grace has decided to learn […]

One person’s trash….

…is another person’s treasure! I serendipitously happened to be covering a shift at my old workplace on the same day a storage space there was being cleaned out. A co-worker came to me and said, “Cle, you might want to check out these things down in the storage space. They’re sort of like ice cream […]

Punk Rock Flea Market

On Saturday, June 4th from 10 am – 8 pm, Half Pint will be selling ice cream at the 2011 Punk Rock Flea Market! This twice yearly event boasts more than 50 booths selling all sorts of items from crafts to vintage goods to jewelry to bike parts. There will also be live music, food and […]

Half Pint 2011!

Hi everyone! So, the Half Pint blog has been on a bit of a hiatus (try a year!–oops). But, for the 2011 season I am vowing to become a better blogger and to use this space to keep my customers up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of Half Pint–starting now! I am about to […]

Where To Find Us This Summer!

Half Pint Ice Cream will be back in action for the 2010 Farmers Market season! We are really looking forward to hanging out at our usual haunts: The Broadway Sunday Farmers Market, The Phinney Farmers Market on Fridays and the Lake City Farmers Market on Thursdays. We will also be starting up at the Edmonds Farmers Market on Saturdays. It’s going to […]

Farmers Market in Paradise!

Aloha from Kauai! So Half Pint is on a winter break. But, never fear, we will be back up and slinging ice cream again come April! For the time being, however, I am living on Kauai, Hawaii, and soaking in the sun. I’ve also been getting lots of ideas for tasty new ice cream flavors. […]

Busy Busy August

August has been a BUSY month for Half Pint! Lots of farmers markets, special events…we’ve been elbow deep in ice cream for weeks. Last week we participated in a really cool event at Tom Douglas’s Palace Ballroom. It was an ice cream social! Several artisan ice cream companies participated including Half Pint, Parfait, Empire Ice […]